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Friday, June 27, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

[insert boring week here]

Friday, June 13, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Not much happened this week since I had boring work stuff to do.

On the bright side the Justice League action figure boxset that I ordered arrived at the comic store so I went to pick that up. It's cool, designed by Alex Ross, I could go on but I don't want to betray my geekiness too much.

Yeah that'll do for this week.
Later dudes

Friday, June 6, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

More of the same once again.

Sh!t Happens is going well, so well I'm considering branching out into merchandise via a cool little website I found but more on that later.

Nothing has happened with the Flying Tigers this week because there's nothing I can really do with it right now. I need to talk to my advisors [ie my mates] about certain aspects of the project before I can go on but that's no big deal because the longer I take the more money I can add to the budget.

This week I bought myself a new book bag because I was sick of squashing my sketchbooks in my old work bag. My new bag is a Kingdom Hearts licensed product made in Japan, I'd post a pic but I can't find it online and I'm too lazy yo grab the camera but it's bound to show up in a photo some day.

Going bowling tomorrow with Sheppo's fanclub so I better hit the weights now

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

I honestly have nothing to post here today.

Just more of the same really.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Not much to tell this week.

Bought myself a PSP this week and a copy of Tekken Dark Resurrection which has become rather addicting.
While on the subject of my new toy, the first one I bought I bring it home, charge it up for an hour and a half, turn it on and the fucking thing is faulty, the directional buttons only worked in the up and down directions. So I had to take it back, another hour wasted at the BigW returns counter.
Fucking bad day.
But at least the game is cool.

Both Comic and Movie projects are running smoothly.

Off to play more Tekken or look at pics of hot chicks.
Haven't decided yet

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A "Short Film" Right?


a short film


Rob O'Brien

Those words above are on the first page of the screenplay for the prototype film I'm making later this year, it's intended to be a shortened version (to be used to raise funding) of the feature The Flying Tigers (yeah same title, same basic story too), I finished a rewrite of the prototype last night and it came in at 68 pages.

Just to keep it in perspective the screenplay for the actual feature is about 95 pages and I estimate it going about 2 hours, mostly because my complex action scenes are described like this:


The fight is well and truly on. ERIC and NOLAN square off against their rivals and the other two COBRAS alternate between fighting BRAD and attempting to help SHAUN and BUCK.

After several minutes of fighting the COBRAS back down.

I'm now rethinking those word on the front page, short film my ass.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Firstly I have officially joined the world-spanning fad that is myspace, check me out here and add me as a "friend".

Secondly, had a good friday night at Reilly's place playing Uno and Poker and making fun of Steveo, all your typical entertainment.

Thirdly, since I need to keep up my enthusiasm, I worked on the Flying Tigers project today. In this case it was a bit of costume testing, and since the only character so far casted is Hunter (played by yours truly) that's who got tested:

Well that's it for now I'm off to hit people.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Flying Tigers - Concept Art

The following is a concept pic displaying the Flying Tigers in their main costumes:

Brad, Eric, Harli, Hunter, Nolan and Cara
[note those are drumsticks Harli's holding]

Hopefully this will give a bit of a hint as to what the movie is about.

Robbo's Top 10 Lists - Cartoon/Comic Babes

Okay everybody has watched a cartoon or read a comic and said "hey she's pretty hot for a drawing" so here's my top ten:

10. Sammi from Sh!t Happens
Because every good post deserves
a shameless bit of self promotion.

9. Sailor Mars from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
Because they all look pretty much the same,
Mars just has the best colour scheme.

8. Lana Isavia from SDC Southern Cross
Because she's the tough cop character plus
she has cool blue hair and I'm a sucker
for coloured hair

7. Husk from Marvel Comics
Because she can rip off her skin to reveal
a new body made of anything underneath.
Okay that sounds kinda gross.

6. Daphne from Scooby Doo
Because as a Scooby fan I just have to
include her here

5. Belle from Beauty and the Beast (disney)
Because it's one of my favourite films and
she is an excellent example of classic
Disney style, but without the evil.

4. Wonder Girl from DC Comics
Because Wonder Woman is just to
old for my tastes.

3. Mylene Jenius from Macross 7
Because she's a rockstar, a fighter pilot
and she has pink hair, how cool is that?

2. Supergirl from DC Comics
Because she is the most powerful girl
in the universe and who hasn't always
wondered what that would be like?

1. Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess
Because she is, to quote someone else,
"so darn cute" the artwork for this series
is beyond beautiful and Bell is definately
the apex of that artwork.

Interesting (and disturbing) note about this post, when I was searching for the pics using Google I found an alarming amount of porn for every single search, now I'm a guy and have no problem with porn but occasionally when I do a google search I just want to find what I'm looking for and not porn (unless of course I'm looking for porn in which case yay!).

Obligatory Weekly Update

Another week with not much work on the Flying Tigers as I've done all I can without the necassary funding.

On a side note one of my favourite actresses, Indiana Evans, has decided to leave Home and Away. Yes! All I need now is the thousands of dollars required to get her in front of the camera.

Another of my faves Claire Holt has landed a role in a US horror film to be filmed in Bulgaria later this year, congrats to her.

I purchased the latest Maximum Ride book, it's a good series but I probably would have bought it anyway based on the cover art:

I've done a fair bit of work on Sh!t Happens this week as well, with two comics already posted and another one coming tonight.

I'd like to finish with a joke but I can't think of one.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Well this week has been mostly dedicated to "artwork", mostly for Sh!t Happens but some other stuff was done at work since it was quiet and I had a trainee doing most of the work.

Today is ANZAC Day so I'm off to a BBQ with mates this afternoon.

Lest We Forget

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Workplace Artwork

Here's a couple of random pieces of "art" done at my night job during a bored period:

Demon (on pie bag)
When I started this piece I was
just bored shitless and had no idea
what it would end up being.

Fang the Werewolf RockStar
This one is actually an idea I've had
for a while now but could never be
bothered doing until I had nothing
better to do.

I'm off to the gallery opening to pick up chicks

Friday, April 11, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Another nothing week for me I'm afraid, mucho bills to be paid meant no fun-money for me.

So I've just sat around and watched DVDs. And slept. A lot. In fact a "little nap" Thursday turned into a sixteen hour sleep, FUCK what the hell was that? I guess sometimes the body just needs to recharge but still that was weird.

I really have nothing else to talk about.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

How To Get a Weird Reaction From a JB Hi-Fi Employee

or Just How Weird My Taste In Music Is.

Out on my travels today (looking for a sketchpad small enough to fit in my work bag) I stopped by JB to have a look around and purchased a couple of CDs of very different genres:

The Used - In Love and Death

Kate Alexa - H2O Just Add Water Soundtrack

Needless to say the "trendy-emo-kid" at the counter looked at me as if I said I was going to take a shit in his cereal.

It's just a pity I didn't have enough cash for the Eagles and Iron Maiden CDs I was also looking at, that would have really fucked him.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Okay so it's been another boring week, not much really to tell.

I've been mostly just chilling, watching DVDs and reading comics.

Been working on the Flying Tigers project but mostly just boring stuff such as trying to track down various things (or prices for various things) and reworking budget, schedule, etc. Boring paperwork.
I did however create a rough version of the Flying Tigers logo:

This logo (or rather a variation) will be worn on the uniforms of the main characters.

Until next time keep drinking, life is easier that way.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Experimentations With Watercolour Pencils

Okay so anyone who is a regular visitor to my webcomic knows I'm not exactly the best artist, and I know I never will be, but I do enjoy messing around with various techniques. Drawing to some degree is a necessary skill as a Director and that much I can handle but I occasionally like to indulge my artistic delusions, I recently picked up a set of Watercolour Pencils (because I couldn't find cheap tinted graphite pencils) and finally got around to trying them out:

Graphite Outline

Pencil Colour

Watercolour Wash

Completed "Artwork"

Well I certainly enjoyed myself and am happy with my first experiment with watercolour pencils and can certainly see myself using them again in the future.
Feel free to leave your comments.


p.s. don't forget to vote for your favourite girl in my Beautiful Girls poll --->

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beautiful Girls Poll - The Intro

Inspired by a recent update on one of my favourite sites Retrocrush, where the guys there are running a poll to find the hottest Retrobabe (celebrity hottie of times gone by), I decided to make my own poll and find out which of my favourite ladies is the best.

Here are some pics to help things out:
Indiana Evans

Amanda Bynes

Brooke Satchwell

Keiko Kitagawa

Claire Holt

Cariba Heine

Aya Ueto

Tammin Sursok

Hayden Panettiere

Ashley Benson

Take my poll!

BTW if you want to know more about any of these babes do a DAMN Google search you lazy [expletive filled rant deleted] okay.

I just unearthed my Gundam Wing boxset so that's what I'm off to watch now.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Robbo's Top 10 Lists - Anime Series

Okay anyone who knows me knows I'm into anime, here's my faves:

10. Bubblegum Crisis

9. Burn Up Scramble

8. Southern Cross / Mospeada (tied place)

7. Gravion

6. Gundam Wing

5. Love Hina

4. Macross

3. Ah! My Goddess

2. Macross 7

1. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Obligatory Weekly Update

Yay! Another week and I'm still alive. Wooooo!

Okay so as you can probably guess my week has been pretty boring and uneventful.

My night job sucks, some of my co-workers are completely useless which of course leads to more work for me. But I must look on the bright side, each week brings me closer to my target budget for the Flying Tigers Project.

Speaking of the Flying Tigers Project, most of my work on it at present is of the boring logistical type (budget, scheduling, location scouting, etc) however I have taken time to work on some more interesting stuff such as costume design and storyboarding.

I'd like to give a shout out to my buddy Joshie and plug his radio show Anarchy on Air which is on every Thursday night at 9pm AEST you can listen to it online here.

And that's it for now.

Is it wrong to be drunk by midday on a Friday

Friday, March 7, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Here we go again.

This week was my 26th birthday so I'll skip the usual griping about work and such and get to the important part, the haul:
CDs - The Used "Lies For The Liars"
- My Chemical Romance "The Black Parade"
DVDs - My Name Is Earl season 2
- Baywatch season 4
- Smallville season 6
Comics - Superman Up, Up and Away
- Superman Our Worlds at War
Books - Maximum Ride the Angel Experiment
- Maximum Ride School's Out Forever

Unfortunately my birthday wish for a date with Amanda Bynes (or Indiana Evans or Claire Holt or....) didn't come true, oh well maybe next year.

That's All I have to say right now

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reflections on Turning 26

Fuck this.

I'm off to bed.


Friday, February 29, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Another week.....

Work is the same.

Some kind of 24 hour lethargy knocked me out Thursday so I couldn't do this week's comic yet.

I picked up a new toy called the Asus eeePc, a mini-laptop about half the size of my regular laptop and just as powerful.

I hate eBay Stores that post availabilty numbers when they don't actually have stock to fill the order. I finally received a season 1 boxset of What I Like About You that I ordered in early January when they advertised 30 available, needless to say I abused the hell out of them for the decieptfullness.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Well here we go yet again.

Work has improved slightly due to the long awaited completion of the night window. Which means I don't have to let any customers into the store for most of the night. It's amazing how quick it is to deal with customers when they can't waste half an hour wandering around inside the store before just settling on the bottle of coke they picked up straight away.

My computer had a major shitstorm yesterday which caused me to waste the afternoon and in turn this weeks comic is a piece of shit.

Ten days until my birthday, oh crap I feel old, so for the hell of it here's a few things I would like to recieve:
Booze (always a good starter)
DC Comics (not the company......well if someone really wants to give it to me)
A new computer, preferably running Linux and XP (Vista blows)
Guest spot on The Simpsons
A date with Amanda Bynes (or Brooke Satchwell or Indiana Evans or Keiko Kitagawa or .....)
Large amounts of money.

[insert your own joke here]

Friday, February 15, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Yet another quiet one.

Work still sucks.

Bought a couple of DC Comics graphic novels (Superman/Batman vol1 & Supergirl Identity), I've really gotten into the DC Universe lately especially the big 3.

Sh!t Happens is still going well.

I've also finished all script rewrites for the Flying Tigers project, so now it's just a matter of saving up some more cash so I can get started on the next phase.

I'm off to watch cartoons because I've got jack-shit else to do.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Yet another bust of a week.

It all started out cool with a games night and drinking at Reilly's place on Saturday. Steveo was a drunken fool who came very close to being killed by all people there (and several who weren't). Other than that it was a good night.

Then came work which as usual sucked ass.

I spent most of Thursday going through my junk and organising what I'm gonna throw on ebay in the near future before having to head out on business. Which meant this week's edition of Sh!t Happens was a day late.

Learned a valuable lesson this week: If you're going to watch a movie while you work pick something that won't distract you. With this in mind the following movies are on my "No watch while working" list - Clerks, Superman, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Police Story, Mamiya Kyoudai, Princess Bride or anything starring Amanda Bynes, Keiko Kitagawa or Billy Connolly.

I've been busy rewriting the scripts for the Flying Tigers project.

That's pretty much it.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Okay to be honest I really have nothing to say.

This week has been boring.

On the film project front not much has happened except script rewriting and some basic planning, 'cause I need to save up some more money after Sheppofest (I spent a little too much), so I guess I might have to start selling some of my junk - I mean valuable collectibles.

Serious note here: Be careful how many times you watch a musical in a short period of time, you will get songs stuck in your head and may occasionally sing them when you THINK you're alone. This is not usually a good thing, more so if the song is usually sung by a chick. [I probably shouldn't be watching Hairspray again while I type this]

My night job still sucks. We got a new guy and I had to train him how to put stock away (how hard is it to carry boxes), he's fucking useless.

My drawing skills are getting better but my computer editing skills are getting worse so it all balances out. Remember to check out Sh!t Happens.

For no reason here's an ad I found:

Until next time dudes I'm off to find $14.99

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sh!t Happens is now Online

My new webcomic is now online here

That's it for today.

I'm off to bed

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Year to Come - An Announcement

Okay so the last year was kind of a bust in the film making department, due mostly to circumstances beyond my control, and I haven't updated all that often.

But this year is going to be different.

Because my night job is killing me and I am getting old - I'm almost 26 shit were does the time go?

So anyway here's a little heads up on what to expect from KindaWeird Productions in 2008:

Firstly I am putting my limited drawing skills to bad use with the creation of my own web-comic Sh!t Happens which is coming online in the next few days.

Secondly I am committing to update this blog at least weekly [And we'll all believe that when we see it].

Thirdly (and most importantly) is the start of the Flying Tigers project which hopefully will see my first feature film produced within the year. More information on this coming soon.

So anyway here's to a great 2008 I'm off for a drink

p.s. A big congrats to the Sheppmeister on his new job with QR

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sheppofest 2008

Long time no blog and as usual no FARKIN apology. I get distracted just deal with it.

Ok with that out of the way let me start with a little explanation on what Sheppofest is, basically it's a kinda-annual holiday organized by my buddy Shepps. This year it was down on the Gold Coast and for the first time I managed to be there for the whole time (I've missed the last 2 completely). The following is a diary kept faithfully by Sheppo (with a little assistance) with added comments in purple by myself:

Tuesday Jan 01
(New Years Day) Picked up Joshie from the Gold Coast airport, fuck it is a long way from Brisbane. I got their like 1hr and a half early so just organised some stuff via sms and then went on the internet café for a while. The great one arrived with a surprise, Sheppofest 08 singlets, booya. The weather has been horrendous and has not improved. It ruined my new years plans of watching fireworks at the gold coast. Drove home in the freakin’ blizzard. Had a few beers, surfed some of the world’s slowest internet then went to bed.

Well I had to FARKIN work New Years Day so I missed all the fun but I so did not miss the rain, typical Queensland Cyclonic weather

Wednesday Jan 02

Went to the Sunshine coast and got breakfast on the way, KFC fillers, soon to be one of many. Weather still fucking carving us up, so shit. We went to the “Sunshine coast” every time we left the car it pissed down with rain. We went on a shopping mission to find guitar hero 3 on ps2, everywhere sold out, shops were packed because of the rain, not much love. Went and checked into the hotel, it wasn’t to bad, hit some beers and a pizza whilst watching the cricket. The guy at the hotel was a bit of a toss, we went for a swim in a freezing cold pool in the rain and he had a cry at us cause we put some bark on his wall in a game we were playing, no harm done. Watched some foxtels etc as we were stuck indoors. We checked out the beach earlier and the swells were huge. People were still swimming which was quite surprising. Smashed some drinks at the hotel and watched movies that night, stuck indoors, sucks.

So I just got home from work this morning and realised I needed to get some new boots for going out as my work ones are buggered. Spent the day watching DVDs and trying to stay awake all day so my body clock would be right for the holiday, finally crashed around a 7.30 and slept until about 7.00 the next morning.

Thursday Jan 03

Checked out of the Sunshine Coast and went and picked up Robbo from his house via a breakfast stop. Loving the KFC fillers (product placement in blogs). From Robbo’s we went to WOW and scored one last copy of guitar hero, monster find. Went to my house and got all my stuff, we had to play Tetris to get all our stuff in the car, we have like 5 cartons of beer alone. Went from my house to the gold coast in the blizzard again, did so many k’s today, so much driving. Checked into our hotel, it is fucking sweet, the dude here Greg aka G-Fresh, is a freaken champ, totally looked after us. Later on he brought our bed up and couldn’t believe how much alcohol we have in the apartment, he was totally cool with it. Loving the hospitality. Joshie got mighty pissed off with guitar hero as we unpacked, the wireless is being a mofo. We wouldn’t let the rain get to us so went on a grocery shop. Came back and hit the beach/park for some footy and vortex action. As soon as we got there in the pissing down rain, it was freezing, we got our footy caught in the tree. So we used the vortex to get the footy out of the tree and got it stuck in the tree as well. Classic, took us ages to get them out cause we used branches and they got stuck in the tree, so we found some rocks, Joshie came up with the money shots and got them out of the tree, booya! What a mission. Came back and swam in both pools which were surprisingly warm. Showered up and tried to set up the internet. 1hr on hold booo! dont even have a dial up modem, so gay, so no myspace action, Hitting an internet café tomorrow. Went out to Surfers and hit a few beers then a strip club. Some extremely hot girls there, good night. Came back, got pizzas then played a poker tournament. Naturally I started bad then won, wooooooooo! Sank some more piss then watched Die Hard 4.0. SO far weather killing us but good times all round, if we can get sunshine then we are set.

Yeah a good day but so much bloody rain I couldn't take the camera out so I just sat undercover and laughed my ass off at Shepps and Joshie trying to get their balls out of a tree. Had a nice little chat with one of the ladies at the Strip Club before we decided to head back to the apartment. I was on the most uncomfortable trundle bed, then on the couch which I later found out was a fold out bed.

Friday Jan 04

Woke up fairly early, 9am, went for a run with Joshie on the beach, it was raining of course. We ran at a decent pace and a fair distance, but Joshie smashed me. Went for a bit of a stroll through the shops with Joshie and Robbo for breakfast, hit an internet café as well. Chris joined us today for some fun. Had some drinks then went to Timezone, good times, pretty busy, came back for some pizza, naturally it was still raining we got soaked trying to get home with the pizza. Had pizza and drinks then hit the pool (still raining). Played a classic game of hit Robbo with the vortex. Got him many a beauty. Came back to the hotel and had more drinks and then played some ps2 then played poker. EK joined us at around 1930, naturally it was raining, yay! Big Sheps won poker, Joshie vs Sheps heads up, Josie pocket aces, Sheps pocket jacks, Sheps hits a jack on the flop and wins. The deciding hand is ace 2 (Shep) vs queen 9, (Joshie), Josh hits a 9 on the flop and Shep hits a 2, Shep gets a 2 on the river and wins the game for 2 nights in a row. The vodka shots have begun. We brave the blizzard and hit the local tavern. The tavern has good priced drinks and a heap of ppl there. Joshie talked to some girls that ironically met Chris at the Linkin Park concert, small world. Joshe gets quite friendly with one of them. Shep and Emma left the pub early, then Rielly returned later, followed by Robo and Joshie after that. The night was supposed to be medium to high but 3 out of 5 ppl spewed, so it was definitely a big night. Some details have been suppressed.

Robbo's Day: While those two lovable nut-jobs went for a vomit-rending run I sat around watching TV and resetting dislocated bones from the uncomfortable night's sleep. Headed down into the town for breakfast with the boys before heading back to the apartment to meet up with Reilly. Went to Timezone and gave myself a concussion on the dodge'ems (too busy checking out the scenery), had pizzas back at the apartment before getting pelted with a vortex in the pool for an hour. The annoying one arrived and we headed down to the local tavern where she made a drunken fool of herself. Me and Josh were the last ones left trying to pull two reasonably attractive young ladies before having to run back through the storm. Joshie's musical vomitting inspired me to yak up as well. Went to sleep.

Saturday Jan 05

Could not sleep last night which was horrible, I am turning into a zombie. Tried to sleep most of the morning. Went for a run on the beach with Chris and Joshie, nothing like yesterdays monster effort. On the way, hawk eye Rielly finds Emma’s memory card from last night in a puddle of water on the path, monster find. Got some breakfast from subway, we all like had a few bites and we were done, so green L. Chris headed off to Summer Field Dayze. We went for a swim for a while. Just relaxed in the apartment. Getting ready for the big party tour now, everyone seams to be backing up well. The best thing about today has been the sunshine, the sun cant quite get through the clouds but the rain has been minimal and we have lots of blue sky. There was actually a heap of ppl in both pools when we went swimming, a promising sign. Hopefully this weather continues. Got ready to go out, I was feeling very green, had 2 red bulls but spewed them up, this isn’t like me I was officially scared I wouldn’t make the party tour. I manned up though and made the tour. Had a heap of vodka lemonades, yum yum! Met up with Elliot, Sophia and Elliot’s mate. Sophia was a champ and really helped me with the whole Emma situation, gave me hope. What happened next, I could almost say ruined my holiday but that is bullshit cause I would never let a girl affect my time with mates even though it has effectively ruined the last 2 days. All other details suppressed. We got some killer dance moves on dvd off the party tour and many a good photo, I cant wait to see the footage even though its almost a weekend to forget. On the way home I was in a maxi taxi, the guy was quite nice. We seen some hot girls in a bus stop while we were stopped at some lights, so I wound down my window and they asked for a lift to Miami which was on the way. We had a few laughs and it was sweet to take my mind of things. Josie came home about midnight then Robbo at around 1 and Chris at around 130.

My take on this whole day can be summed up with the following "Too much dance music". I knew from the moment I first suggested this Party Tour thing to Shepps a few weeks back I'd hate it but it was something Shepps should have loved if not for [content deleted] and so Shepps went home early. The Crowlmeister said a few choice words to a certain troublemaker and I expressed my opinion of same by just walking off. Me and Crowley lost track of Joshie and Scotty after I was refused entry to one of the clubs so we cruised on to the Beer Garden and rocked out to a decent cover band and tried our best to impress the ladies. The taxi I took home ripped me off big time so I got out half way and walked 45 minutes back to the apartment, bought something along the way that became the running joke of the holiday (although Shepps took it home with him so !?!?!?). I was so wasted.

Sunday Jan 06

Big Sheps got up at a decent hour because he was quite fresh. I went for a walk on the beach, it was hot and the beach was packed, bikinis were out too, finally. The fellas joined me at the beach around 10 and we kicked the footy around for a while. We then dicked around while we waited for Emma to return and get her stuff so we could get on with the holiday. Joel and Sam joined us, then we had a bbq. It was going to be down the beach but it was raining L. So we had it at the complex. Elliot and Sophia joined us then we all went over to the school and played cricket. It started to get real hot, we hit a snag early when Joshie broke the tennis ball. We got a new ball and game on. Came back to the apartment and watched Australia pull of a miracle in the cricket. The guys left at about 6, and we just relaxed and finally got the internet working, so checked our e-mails etc on the worlds slowest internet. Had an early night.

Man I must have pulled the short straw here but I got stuck with wating for Emma to return and pick up her stuff, I kept my answers short and sweet and surprisingly obscenity free. Schoolboy and his girl showed up for a swim and BBQ plus a rain-filled tour of the Burleigh beachfront. Ells and Sophia came by and we played some cricket in the school next door, I suck at cricket especially bowling so I switched to pitching instead and surprised them with some accuracy. That night the two day barrage of stupid jokes (well one joke repeated infinitely) finally got to me and I buggered off to the main bedroom which was now mine and played bowling on my mobile until everyone disappeared. Went out to the lounge room and watched She's The Man, Shepps and Joshie returned part way through and let me finish watching it, Joshie even laughed a few times.

Monday Jan 07

We had to get up early to pick up Matt and Aisha from the train station. Bad thing is they flew in at 6am and have to wait at central till 7:50. So they wont be here till later then we thought which sucks for them cause they must be fucked. Picked up Matt and Aiesha from the Robina train station. They are now at their hotel in Surfers. Went over to the shops for a while. Took Matt and Aisha to their hotel then went around Cavil. Couldn’t pick up the party tour cd and dvd, pissed! Came back to the apartment then went for a swim down the beach and in the pool with Elliot and Sophia. Went to dinner later on, roast meal $10, the best meal so far. When we returned from the swim some girls were on the balcony next to us and they were talking on the phone and they said hi (on the phone) and Robbo thought they were talking to him so he said hi, funny as. On the way to dinner they talked to us again, but me and Joshie were busy on the phone (gay) so second chance blown. After dinner we returned to the apartment where we met the girls again at the gate but yet still did not really talk to them (3rd chance). Drinking on the balcony now hoping the girls will return. The girls did return (4 of them) I said hi but Robbo was inside at the time. It was all looking good until the parents returned about an hour later which ruined it for us as we thought they were staying alone. We kept drinking and were hoping we would see the girls again but we didn’t. I ran out of Jim beam and cola cans so I started mixing my Jim Beam Black with coke which was strong as. Joshie named it Rocket fuel, I got pretty smashed, decided to try the tavern out with Elliot and Sophia, nothing doing at the tavern, all dudes, so went for another walk to the other tavern which was closed L. Went to the servo and got a chicken roll which I think smashed me later on. Then had a lonely walk home. Got back watched some south park on Joshies ipod, the guitar hero episode was funny as. Went to bed for an uneasy sleep.

While the boys were out picking up Matt and Aisha I walked to the shops at Stockland (which I kept calling Stockton, Stockville, etc) and got a thickshake at Wendy's. Went to Cavil Ave to drop Matt and Aisha at their hotel, wandered around for a while and found a tiny comic store but didn't buy anything. Back at the apartment I inadvertently started the Girl's Next Door saga when I heard a girl say hello and automatically responded causing everyone around to piss out laughing. Great roast dinner down near the beach then back to the apartments where we met the girls at the gate, I said hi and promptly fell into the garden, Joshie was completely oblivious to the little blondie making eyes at him and for a while all teasing was directed at him. I drank a six-pack of scotch and coke while sketching on the balcony, needed to urinate and so missed the girls' return. Played some GTA and headed to bed.

Tuesday Jan 08

Woke up green as, don’t worry about sleep in’s, I love sleep ins too and haven’t had a good sleep for ages. Went for a run this morning and made it all the way to the cove thing, huge effort I seriously didn’t think I would make it. So walked home very slowly. Riley came over. Joshie went with Elliot and Sophia (they left the coast today). He is going over to their house for dinner tonight. Me, Riley, and Robbo hung out. We went to tight arse Tuesdays at the movies, we seen I am Legend which was pretty good. Had some lunch at the shops. Went and hired out the Condemned from the video shop, it took ages to join up, and they even needed a $50 deposit which sucked. Came home and went for Swim at the beach, then had a hit of tennis, then went for dinner. We think we seen the girls at the dinner place. Came home and played some Shithead on the balcony. Watched the Condemned, good film, picked Joshie up from the train station on his return home from his feast.

Pretty much went a Sheppo said, can't really add much here except I kicked ass at Shithead winning 4 out of 7 games. Oh and Condemned was a pretty cool movie for what it was.

Wednesday Jan 09

(Joshie is writing today’s blog) I (Josh) woke up early an everyone else was still sleeping so I went for a jog on the beach, waves were big an ankle tapping me as I ran. Came back an Robbo had gone out, Chris an Sheps still asleep so I went down an hit a net café. Came back an we all headed to putt putt with Mat and Aisha which was average. Aisha was the only one who did not get a hole in one. Big Sheps and Chris got two hole in ones, Sheps won the day shooting 20’s on the front and back 9’s. Came back, had a swim then got ready for Draculas.

Wow, arrived at Draculas to an amazing sight of many beautiful ladies lining up. This place was sensational, good food, EXTREMELY HOT waitresses and an amazing show. Got plenty of love from the staff as well, with our table being the loudest in the place with me an mat doing joint death growls an sheppo an robbo giving out some wooooooooooooooo’s. and of course me and sheps come out with some brilliant one liners. My best one being too my lady friend(the gift shop lady) saying to someone she needed a man an I chimed in with a YO, she laughed in a wow he’s cute way heh. And sheppo’s best was in line waiting for a group photo when aisha asked the guy who looked like jack sparrow to be in the photo and he said he couldn’t an mat yelled out an extremely loud DAMN IT.

Headed to ca$ino after where sheppo and aisha gambled while me mat and robbo drank more an enjoyed the buxom scenery. Big Sheps made a quick 50 in the limited time he was allocated to gamble, played Caribbean stud poker and the texas hold em against the dealer which is new to the casino, had only previously played it in Perth on my last holiday. Caught a taxi home and had a good rest, we were supposed to be going to wet n wild the next day but we rescheduled it.

Went for a morning walk. Headed out with the group for a game of Spot the Hotties, also known as the drive to Surfers', played a pretty lame game of Putt Putt with Matt and Aisha before heading back to the apartment to get ready for a big night at Dracula's. Dracula's was by far the best night of the trip, the people were awesome, funny and (in the case of ladies) attractive. I was Howling and Roaring my lungs out all night, not to mention drinking. I hate casinos so I'll leave off my comments here.

Thursday Jan 10

Big Sheps taking back the blog although I am getting a hiding from Josh for poor spelling and grammar, where is the love? Slept in today, went to Hooters for breakfast/lunch. Bit disappointing, food was average and the service was poor. Came back and went to the internet café, did some hardcore myspace action. Came back for a swim, the weather is ordinary again it has been raining a bit today. Just chilling now, doing a bit of a tidy up and starting to pack up our stuff.

(Joshie taking back over) Went across the border to nsw to tweed heads for some dinner and to check out the poker dome. Then we hit the toy box to catch a show or 20. Ladies didn’t disappoint, some amazing specimens . I was won over by an amazing tattoo girl who was as big of used fan as I am so I took her up on the offer to pop my private dance cherry, best thing i‘ve ever seen (no offence to anyone) but hot damn she was amazing. Came back robbo made a last minute effort an got him a private dance with a very fit young blonde. Me an sheps watched some more stage shows an then met robbo outside an called it a night

Just a simple day of chilling out. We went to TwinTowns for dinner and I was surprised how much the place had changed in a year, the entire place was messed up but dinner was good an d the girl at the bar was nice. Went on a search for something called the Poker Dome which was supremely underwhelming followed by a quiet night at the Toy Box.

Friday Jan 11

Robbo woke everyone up to head to wet and wild. Picked mat an aisha up on the way. Park was fairly empty so we got some of the best rides out of the way early. Me an sheps managed to knock over every slide an then some as the others dropped out slowly. Came back to hotel an packed up, smashed some food an bevy’s??????????? I lobu vocl. Yphhoi kovrs cock

[Robbo adding a little] So here we are on our last night at Burleigh smashing back the drinkie-poos and reflecting on the past ten days FUCKING AWESOME. Sheppofest ’08 has been an awesome time even if I had to put up with shit for watching a chick flick (hey Amanda Bynes is cool) and other indiscretions I can only blame on alcohol. Big Shepps and Joshie have been champs to hang with and major props to all of the following guests: Reilly, Elliot, Sophia, Scotty, Crowlmeister, Joel, Joel’s Girl (didn’t catch the name), Matty Trash and Aisha. Here’s to Sheppofest 09.

Must say I was a bit of a piker at Wet n Wild but my knee was ready to give out, so I just waited at the bottom of slides with my camera. The rest of the day was quiet, I had a massive burger and chips for dinner and the rest I'll leave to my above comments.

Sat Jan 12

Got up at 4:30am L took joshie to the airport, so tired, the holiday has come to an end. It is sad really, as we were all looking forward to the holiday and it was so good so it was sad to see it come to a close. Seen Matt on the way home, then dropped Robbo off and came home. Got a KFC filler for lunch to relive the Sheppofest 08 spirit. Untill next time folks, I am Sheppo, your teacher and lover.

I snuck out early to pick up a thank you gift for the grand facilitatior. Then back at the apartment helped clean up and load the car. Long ride home. Dumped my crap, grabbed my keys and headed to WOW to pick up a copy of Hairspray, watched it twice and went to bed. That's all folks.

And that's the Sheppofest 2008 report, as soon as Shepps and Josh get their acts together I'll post links to their own reports.

Now I'm off to work :(