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Friday, February 22, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Well here we go yet again.

Work has improved slightly due to the long awaited completion of the night window. Which means I don't have to let any customers into the store for most of the night. It's amazing how quick it is to deal with customers when they can't waste half an hour wandering around inside the store before just settling on the bottle of coke they picked up straight away.

My computer had a major shitstorm yesterday which caused me to waste the afternoon and in turn this weeks comic is a piece of shit.

Ten days until my birthday, oh crap I feel old, so for the hell of it here's a few things I would like to recieve:
Booze (always a good starter)
DC Comics (not the company......well if someone really wants to give it to me)
A new computer, preferably running Linux and XP (Vista blows)
Guest spot on The Simpsons
A date with Amanda Bynes (or Brooke Satchwell or Indiana Evans or Keiko Kitagawa or .....)
Large amounts of money.

[insert your own joke here]

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