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Friday, September 21, 2007

Women's Sports ------ Plus an Update

This morning on one of those morning "news" shows there was a small segment on Layne Beachley (greatest woman surfer of all time) and her charity which helps girls achieve their dreams through various grants. This year the money went to young Hockeyroo, Casey Eastham.

And it got me thinking about the weird hypocritical nature of professional sports.

Why does all the money and airtime go to the male sports? Seriously why should the men get paid to play around while the women have to work real jobs AS WELL AS put in the same amount of training and game time? But this is only the small puzzle because I believe no-one should get paid big dollars just to play. Twenty years ago (here in Australia at least) all pro-sportsmen had to work real jobs in addition to playing.

What really puzzles me is why any red-blooded male would want to devote so-many hours of their week to watching big, ugly, sweaty blokes running around engaging in sub-homoerotic behaviour. I personally would rather watch rather hot ladies in short skirts and tight tops run around, but maybe I'm just weird, I like to watch women.

Now I'm off to watch the women's volleyball.

Oh yeah the update. As I said recently I have mostly finished Last Stand and am moving on to my next short film. For the time being that means a little re-writing and a lot of planning and organizing. More on that soon.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Sorta Final Word on Last Stand

As of yesterday I have completed all of the animation for Last Stand (with the exception of the Actor interaction stuff) and I'm ready to declare it almost finished. Until I get the Actors filmed I've done all I can.