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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

I honestly have nothing to post here today.

Just more of the same really.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Not much to tell this week.

Bought myself a PSP this week and a copy of Tekken Dark Resurrection which has become rather addicting.
While on the subject of my new toy, the first one I bought I bring it home, charge it up for an hour and a half, turn it on and the fucking thing is faulty, the directional buttons only worked in the up and down directions. So I had to take it back, another hour wasted at the BigW returns counter.
Fucking bad day.
But at least the game is cool.

Both Comic and Movie projects are running smoothly.

Off to play more Tekken or look at pics of hot chicks.
Haven't decided yet

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A "Short Film" Right?


a short film


Rob O'Brien

Those words above are on the first page of the screenplay for the prototype film I'm making later this year, it's intended to be a shortened version (to be used to raise funding) of the feature The Flying Tigers (yeah same title, same basic story too), I finished a rewrite of the prototype last night and it came in at 68 pages.

Just to keep it in perspective the screenplay for the actual feature is about 95 pages and I estimate it going about 2 hours, mostly because my complex action scenes are described like this:


The fight is well and truly on. ERIC and NOLAN square off against their rivals and the other two COBRAS alternate between fighting BRAD and attempting to help SHAUN and BUCK.

After several minutes of fighting the COBRAS back down.

I'm now rethinking those word on the front page, short film my ass.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Firstly I have officially joined the world-spanning fad that is myspace, check me out here and add me as a "friend".

Secondly, had a good friday night at Reilly's place playing Uno and Poker and making fun of Steveo, all your typical entertainment.

Thirdly, since I need to keep up my enthusiasm, I worked on the Flying Tigers project today. In this case it was a bit of costume testing, and since the only character so far casted is Hunter (played by yours truly) that's who got tested:

Well that's it for now I'm off to hit people.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Flying Tigers - Concept Art

The following is a concept pic displaying the Flying Tigers in their main costumes:

Brad, Eric, Harli, Hunter, Nolan and Cara
[note those are drumsticks Harli's holding]

Hopefully this will give a bit of a hint as to what the movie is about.

Robbo's Top 10 Lists - Cartoon/Comic Babes

Okay everybody has watched a cartoon or read a comic and said "hey she's pretty hot for a drawing" so here's my top ten:

10. Sammi from Sh!t Happens
Because every good post deserves
a shameless bit of self promotion.

9. Sailor Mars from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
Because they all look pretty much the same,
Mars just has the best colour scheme.

8. Lana Isavia from SDC Southern Cross
Because she's the tough cop character plus
she has cool blue hair and I'm a sucker
for coloured hair

7. Husk from Marvel Comics
Because she can rip off her skin to reveal
a new body made of anything underneath.
Okay that sounds kinda gross.

6. Daphne from Scooby Doo
Because as a Scooby fan I just have to
include her here

5. Belle from Beauty and the Beast (disney)
Because it's one of my favourite films and
she is an excellent example of classic
Disney style, but without the evil.

4. Wonder Girl from DC Comics
Because Wonder Woman is just to
old for my tastes.

3. Mylene Jenius from Macross 7
Because she's a rockstar, a fighter pilot
and she has pink hair, how cool is that?

2. Supergirl from DC Comics
Because she is the most powerful girl
in the universe and who hasn't always
wondered what that would be like?

1. Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess
Because she is, to quote someone else,
"so darn cute" the artwork for this series
is beyond beautiful and Bell is definately
the apex of that artwork.

Interesting (and disturbing) note about this post, when I was searching for the pics using Google I found an alarming amount of porn for every single search, now I'm a guy and have no problem with porn but occasionally when I do a google search I just want to find what I'm looking for and not porn (unless of course I'm looking for porn in which case yay!).

Obligatory Weekly Update

Another week with not much work on the Flying Tigers as I've done all I can without the necassary funding.

On a side note one of my favourite actresses, Indiana Evans, has decided to leave Home and Away. Yes! All I need now is the thousands of dollars required to get her in front of the camera.

Another of my faves Claire Holt has landed a role in a US horror film to be filmed in Bulgaria later this year, congrats to her.

I purchased the latest Maximum Ride book, it's a good series but I probably would have bought it anyway based on the cover art:

I've done a fair bit of work on Sh!t Happens this week as well, with two comics already posted and another one coming tonight.

I'd like to finish with a joke but I can't think of one.