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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Climate Change and Dr Dumbsh!t

This morning when I got home from work I caught a segment on Sunrise where Kochie was debating with some Doctor over Climate Change. The general gist of things was that this "expert" doesn't think Climate Change is happening as much as most Scientists are saying.

To this "Doctor" I say SHUT UP AND GET OFF MY TV. Seriously I am sick of self-appointed "experts" coming on TV to spread their personal views as "fact", especially when anyone who's taken a decent highschool science course is more informed about the issue in question.
Climate Change is happening, it has been to varying degrees for the last 4.3Billion years. What is happening now is that we are producing more CO2 than we have plantlife able to process it and so it is becoming trapped in the atmosphere and causing ozone depletion which in turn is leading to more Solar Radiation reaching the Earth's surface and an increase in heat. This situation is escalating at an exponential rate and if it increases at this exponential rate we are in trouble (I believe the scientific term is screwed).

Oh and to Dr Dumbsh!t a little lesson.
You say that more CO2 produced means more trees right? Well here's a puzzle for you:

If I have a farm with five roosters and one chicken how many animals are producing eggs?
Right just one chicken.
Okay what if I increase the number to fifty roosters how many animals are producing eggs?
When you have the answer you might just see the flaw in your argument.

I'm off to bed now.

Monday, February 26, 2007

A boring day and ramune

Well today was rather boring.
I got home from work at 7am and went to sleep for half the day until I had to go into the city for an appointment, blah boring boring boring.

However there was an upside, I took advantage of being near Chinatown to pick up some of my favourite novelty drink "ramune" which is basically a slightly bitter lemonade but the novelty of it is in the way you open it.

The bottle is vacuum sealed with a small glass marble.

Taking off the wrapper reveals the blue plastic seal that holds the marble.

And the white plastic lid holds a little tool used to force the marble into the drink.

This little thing right here.

All it takes is a little pressure....

Just a LITTLE pressure (a hammer may come in handy).

Ahh watch the fizz.
WARNING: Do not shake before opening. Seriously DO NOT.

Now comes the hard part...drinking it without making a mess.

That's it for now.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Well if I have to...

Okay I'm really just testing this thing out at the moment while I relax before work.

I suppose I'm supposed to say a bit about myself so here's the basics:
The name's Rob usually I'm called Robbo or Scooby by mates.
I currently have two jobs, one working graveyard shifts at a Servo and the other being a freelance multimedia worker.
My long term goal is to be an independant film-maker and it is this aspect of my life (among other boring things) that I hope to talk about here.

I warn you in advance I tend to get off subject quite easily.

Well that's it for now,