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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Camelot Colony - A Brief Tour

The UCSF Camelot Long Range Colony Vessel is the centrepiece of "Last Stand" the shortfilm takes place in and around this massive ship and the story revolves around the colonisiation mission.

As such I figured a little sneak peek was in order:

Overhead Map

10 Second Tour (real ride takes about 5 minutes)

And a brief lookaround.

Now I'm gonna take a break, maybe have a few beers and then it's back to work

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yet more FX tests.

Okay firstly long time no see. I've been busy lately with work and also my modem has been playing up a bit so no real desire to update this thing.

Until now.

I've been making decent progress with Last Stand and have a few more FX tests (actually I've had them for weeks but that's all I want to post right now) for you guys to see.

Well enjoy, I'm off.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Another SFX Test

Here's another FX test for my upcoming short film Last Stand:

As with the last one the model isn't completed and there's no sound, fairly crappy quality due to youtube but check it out anyway.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Building the Cockpit Micro-set - Finished 4-5-07

Well I've been busy today.
As you may have heard one of my upcoming short films - LAST STAND - is a sci-fi and the one thing all sci-fi films require is great Space Fighter battles. For that I require at least part of a cockpit.

DAY ONE - Black Thunder

As always with these projects get your shit together first.

Ok we start by measuring up one of the support legs.

And use that as a guide for the rest.

Cut each of the legs at a slightly different leg because you're useless with a jigsaw.

Tack the leg to the "arm" to make it easier for screwing together.

Self-tapping screws are a gift from the gods.

Do the same on the other end.
NOTE: Always leave the barcode sticker on for that professional look.

Lay down some newspaper before you start spray-painting.

One can of spray paint covers about 90% of the two armsets.

While the paint dried I headed to Bunnings for more spray-paint and 7-Eleven for a slurpee.

Flip and finish painting, this will all be redundent tomorrow.

Yes there is another one.

While the touch-up coat dries we grab the controls (2 for $50 bargain).

Cords cut with angle pliers, handy skill if you have to deliver a baby in your toolshed.

Now it's just a matter of attaching the controls.

Glue guns are fun.

Almost finished, now just a matter of a final support strut at the back.

Okay at this point it looks kinda rough but tomorrow is all about making it look good.

DAY 2 - Fly Me To The Moon

Okay one of the controls came unstuck over night so it had to be glued back on.

And then it was on to the side panels, just black cardboard...

...tacked and glued on with care.

The panels completed.

At this point I added some paint details, attempted to add some stenciling but that was more trouble than it was worth, sadly it was messy work so I couldn't take any photos.

TADA!!! Like all good spacecraft I chose an ape as the test pilot, but since my dad was unavailable I used this guy instead.


Note the disastrous stenciling attempt. Oh well he looks cool anyway.

I'm off to save the universe

SFX Test

Okay so here's a quick test of the FX for my short film "Last Stand":

The model needs a complete overhaul but I'm happy with the effect for the most part.

I'm off to blow stuff up now