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Friday, February 1, 2008

Obligatory Weekly Update

Okay to be honest I really have nothing to say.

This week has been boring.

On the film project front not much has happened except script rewriting and some basic planning, 'cause I need to save up some more money after Sheppofest (I spent a little too much), so I guess I might have to start selling some of my junk - I mean valuable collectibles.

Serious note here: Be careful how many times you watch a musical in a short period of time, you will get songs stuck in your head and may occasionally sing them when you THINK you're alone. This is not usually a good thing, more so if the song is usually sung by a chick. [I probably shouldn't be watching Hairspray again while I type this]

My night job still sucks. We got a new guy and I had to train him how to put stock away (how hard is it to carry boxes), he's fucking useless.

My drawing skills are getting better but my computer editing skills are getting worse so it all balances out. Remember to check out Sh!t Happens.

For no reason here's an ad I found:

Until next time dudes I'm off to find $14.99

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