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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Robotech Reflections

Robotech is one of the great cartoon series I grew up watching and even now I still like to watch it when I get the chance (courtesy of the DVD collection). There is something captivating about the show that sets it apart from most Americanized anime of the 80s and that is the unflinching attitude it shows to the deaths of main characters, compare it to the other big 80s Americanized anime Voltron where the heroic deaths of three key characters were written out completely. Robotech always seemed to hold storytelling at a much higher level than it's contempories, building on the firm stories of it's anime counterparts the series became something special.

Today I finally got to see the new sequel movie - Robotech the Shadow Chronicles.
My opinions on this new movie are rather mixed. My one big complaint is that it is too short, it feels like the movie-length premiere of a new series (and I certainly hope they follow-up with a series) and leaves more unanswered questions at the end. Other complaints I have are the lack of many favourite characters from the original.
But it's not all bad, the animation rocked and the new character designs are awesome, the storyline was cool if a little predictable and the action was great.
The new characters were extremely likable, Marcus and Maia are sure to become fan favourites if the series continues.

But now comes the major downside, it took 20+ years for this sequel, how long do we have to wait for another?

1 comment:

The Masters said...

It was a pretty good movie afterall. Though it was never meant to tell more stories about old characters, it did include some of them and gave life to ones that really didn't get on screen.

They're already working on a sequel that will be a movie too.