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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Call of Cleavage

Being a guy it is impossible not to notice cleavage, it draws our attention on an almost supernatural level. Which brings me to last night:
A couple of rather cute regulars came into the servo I work at and the much cuter one was wearing a fairly low cut dress that showed of some very nice cleavage. When she came to the counter however she bent forward a bit to count her money (or whatever, I wasn't really paying attention to her hands) and I got to see some VERY NICE cleavage, the funny thing is her friend who was standing near the door noticed and gave me a very weird smile. Anyway a few minutes later the cuter one came back in to buy something else and was very cheerful with me.
I'm left to ponder a few questions:
1. Did her friend tell her?
2. Did she care?
3. Should I have made a move?

Yes I am a pervert, I'm male.


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