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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Changing Street Signs

Okay the area I live in is made up of lots of little winding streets that really go nowhere. In fact at a roundabout section that I have to go though on the way home there is a No Through Road sign, at least there was until a few weeks ago now it says Local Traffic Only. So thinking it must now go all the way through (cutting a few minutes of my journey) so deciding to check it out I went through the intersection instead of turning right as always.

What did I find out?

Was this a miracle new shortcut?


No it was still a fucking No Through Road.

So I turned around and headed home the normal way wondering why they bothered to change the sign. Then I forgot about it until last night when I had a customer who was telling me about his job - Changing Street Signs. Not even thinking about my shortcut dilema I asked him what his most annoying job is (expecting to be told about replacing some sign that's always stolen like Nirvana Cres on the Sunshine Coast [don't ask how I know]) but instead he told me that in the last few months he's had to change a lot of No Through Road signs to Local Traffic Only.

The reason?

Well it seems residents in certain (mostly upmarket) areas have been complaining that the signs make the areas sound too dodgy.

What the fark?

Oh well people are idiots.

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