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Saturday, March 10, 2007

ipod schmipod, I want my sansa

ipods are cool and all but for AU$379 for the 30GB Video ipod it just aint worth it.
Something I've been looking for for awhile is the SanDisk sansa e260. It is a multimedia player that suits all my needs:
plays mp3 and wma files
plays video
plays FM radio
records FM radio
displays photos
voice recording
Plus unlike the ipod which comes with only the player, earphones and usb cable, the sansa comes with all of the above as well as a slip-case and lanyard plus some "groovy" stickers and it's only about the size of a small mobile phone.
The only drawback of the sansa is that it only has 4GB storage (although it has an expansion slot) but let's face it what kind of lifeless idiot really needs 30GB of songs, hell I only need a few hundred MB.

p.s. Unlike the ipod you can replace the battery in the sansa yourself. Take that Apple.

I'm off to listen to some tunes.

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