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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wikipedia Wankers

I am a big fan of wikipedia as a source of information, I think the idea of a massive free encyclopedia with information on every imaginable subject is a great idea but there is one major problem with it.

The ability to anonymously edit the content.

There is nothing more annoying than looking for information only to find the page filled with utter garbage. This goes double when it comes to celebrity pages where people (idiots!) have a tendancy to post rumours and idiotic comments as if it is some kind of fan-page, I expect this kind of idiocy on forums and message boards, but to see it on wikipedia is just plain wrong.

Wikipedia is intended to be a massive information source and to see this kind of behaviour just shows how little respect people truly have when they are able to act without repercussions.

I'm off to delete garbage of the wiki

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