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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Like Hanging Out With An Old Friend.

Whenever I read an interview with writers of series (whether books or movies) that are returning to write another installment they always seem to talk about the experience like they're hanging out with old friends.

And I totally understand that.

At the moment I am taking a short break from working on Last Stand (boo hoo) and have in the last couple of days been reworking (ie completely rewriting) the script for for what I hope will be my first feature film.

This script is something that I have been working on in various different ways for at least five years. It started off originally as a plan for a TV Series and has undergone many refinements since then. Everytime I get stuck on a project I always seem to come back to this one.

(okay the next is a little off topic)

I should mention that since becoming a fan of JK Rowling's Harry Potter series I have developed a sort of longing for what she has with that series: the massive intricate universe of her own creation and the fans who obsess over every detail therein. If any project of mine could measure up to that (in my eyes at least) it would be this one.

(back on topic)

Returning to these stories and characters of mine I find myself flowing through the work without any of the thinking and creating usually involved in my projects. This is simply due to the utter familiarlarity I have developed for my created universe and the fact that for me these characters exist.


P.S. There are absolutely no wizards involved in this project.

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